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Searching for supersymmetry in rare B decays


We quantify the ability of $B$-Factories to observe supersymmetric contributions to the rare decays $B \to X_s \gamma$ and $B \to X_s l^+l^-$. A global fit to the Wilson coefficients which contribute to these decays is performed from Monte Carlo generated data on $B(B \to X_s \gamma)$ and the kinematic distributions associated with the final state lepton pair in $B\to X_sl^+l^-$. This fit is then compared to supersymmetric predictions. Evaluation of the Wilson coefficients is carried out with several different patterns of the superpartner spectrum. We find that $B$-Factories will be able to probe regions of the SUSY parameter space not accessible to LEP~II, the Tevatron, and perhaps the LHC. We also employ the recent NLO calculation of the matrix elements for $B \to _s\gamma$ and find the bound $m_{H^\pm}>300 GeV$ in two-Higgs-doublet models using present data.

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