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Mixing-induced CP Asymmetries in Inclusive B Decays


We consider CP violating asymmetries that are induced by particle-antiparticle mixing in inclusive channels of neutral $B$ meson decay. Not only are the branching ratios sizable, at the 1% to 50% level, but some of those asymmetries are expected to be large because of substantial CKM phases. The inclusive sum partially dilutes the asymmetries, but the dilution factor is calculable, assuming local quark-hadron duality, and CKM parameters can be reliably extracted. We discuss in detail the determination of $sin 2\alpha$ from charmless final states in decays of $B_d$ mesons and survey the asymmetries for other inclusive final states. While probably not yet sensitive to standard model predictions, meaningful CP violation studies can be conducted with existing data samples of inclusive neutral $B$ decays.

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