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Measurement of the B+ and B0 Lifetimes using Topological Vertexing


The lifetimes of $B^+$ and $B^0$ mesons have been measured using a sample of 150,000 hadronic $Z^0$ decays collected by the SLD experiment at the SLC between 1993 and 1995. The analysis reconstructs the decay length and charge of the $B$ meson using a novel topological vertexing technique. This method results in a high statistics sample of 6033 (3665) charged (neutral) vertices with good charge purity. A maximum likelihood fit procedure finds: $\tau_{B^+}$ = 1.67 $\pm 0.07(stat) \pm 0.06(syst) ps, \tau_{B^0} = 1.66 \pm 0.08(stat) \pm 0.08(syst) ps, \tau_{B^+} /\tau_{B^0} = 1.01^{+0.09}_{-0.08}$(stat) $\pm$ 0.05(syst).

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