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Models of Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking from a SU(2k+3) Gauge Model


We investigate three classes of supersymmetric models which can be obtained by breaking the chiral SU(2k+3) gauge theories with one antisymmetric tensor and 2k-1 antifundamentals. For N=3, the chiral SU(2k)$\times$SU(3)$\times$U(1) theories break supersym metry by the quantum deformations of the moduli spaces in the strong SU(2k) gauge coupling limit. For N=2, it is the generalization of the SU(5)$\times$U(2)$\times$U(1) model mentioned in the literature. Supersymmetry is broken by carefully choosing the q uark-antiquark-doublet Yukawa couplings in this model. For N=1, this becomes the well-known model discussed in the literature.

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