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Anomalous Chromomagnetic Moments of Quarks and Large Transverse Energy Jets


We consider the jet cross sections for gluons coupling to quarks with an anomalous chromomagnetic moment. We then apply this to the deviation and bounds from QCD found in the CDF and D0 Fermilab data, respectively, to find a range of possible values for the anomalous moments. The quadratic and quartic terms in the anomalous moments can fit to the rise of a deviation with transverse energy. Since previous analyses have been done on the top quark total cross section, here we assume the same moment on all quarks except the top and find the range $|\kappa'| \equiv |\kappa/(2 m_q)| = 1.0\pm 0.3$ TeV$^{-1}$ for the CDF data. Assuming the anomalous moment is present only on a charm or bottom quark which is pair produced results in a range $|\kappa'_{b,c}| = 3.5 \pm 1.0 $ TeV$^{-1}$. The magnitudes here are compared with anomalous magnetic moments that could account for $R_b$ and found to be in the same general range, as well as not inconsistent with LEP and SLD bounds on $\Delta \Gamma_{\text{had}}$.

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