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Implications of Low-Energy Supersymmetry Breaking at the Tevatron


%The signatures of low energy Susy breaking at the Tevatron are %investigated. The most important is the occurrence of hard photons %from the decay of the lightest SM superpartner. In the simplest %models of gauge mediated Susy breaking the production of e_R, %neutralinos and charginos leads to a pair of hard photons accompanied %by leptons and/or jets. The single eeggE_T event observed at CDF %contains two hard photons and a pair of harder electrons. It is best %interpreted as arising from LH slepton pair production. In this case %the rates for .... % PRD spacing %\baselineskip=24pt The signatures for low energy supersymmetry breaking at the Tevatron are investigated. It is natural that the lightest standard model superpartner is an electroweak neutralino, which decays to an essentially massless Goldstino and photon, possibly within the detector. In the simplest models of gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking, the production of right-handed sleptons, neutralinos, and charginos leads to a pair of hard photons accompanied by leptons and/or jets with missing transverse energy. The relatively hard leptons and softer photons of the single $e^+e^- \gamma \gamma + \EmissT$ event observed by CDF implies this event is best interpreted as arising from left-handed slepton pair production. In this case the rates for $l^{\pm} \gamma \gamma + \EmissT$ and $ \gamma \gamma + \EmissT$ are comparable to that for $l^+l^- \gamma \gamma + \EmissT$.

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