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Light Higgsino-Gaugino Window


Supersymmetric models are typically taken to have $\mu$ parameter and all soft supersymmetry breaking parameters at or near the weak scale. We point out that a small window of allowed values exists in which $\mu$ and the electroweak gaugino masses are in the few GeV range. Such models naturally solve the supersymmetry $CP$ problem, can reduce the discrepancy in $R_b$, and suppress proton decay. In this window two neutralinos are in the few GeV range, two are roughly degenerate with the $Z^0$, and both charginos are roughly degenerate with the $W^{\pm}$ bosons. Such a signature cannot escape detection at LEP II. Models that fall in this window automatically arise from renormalizable hidden sectors in which hidden sector singlets participate only radiatively in supersymmetry breaking. %\centerline{(Submitted to . . .)}

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