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Implication of the Reported Deviations from the standard model for Gamma(Z --> B Anti-b) and Alphas(m2Z)


If the reported excess (over the standard model prediction) for $Z\to b\bar b$ from LEP persists, and is explained by supersymmetric particles in loops, then we show that (1) a superpartner (chargino and/or stop) will be detected at LEP2, and probably at LEP1.5 in 1995, (2) the basic parameter $\tbeta$ is at its lower perturbative limit, (3) $\BR (t\to \stopone+\tilde\chi^0)$ is at or above 0.4, (4) the upper limit on $m_h$ is considerably reduced, and (5) several important consequences arise for the form of a unified supersymmetric theory. Our analysis is done in terms of a general weak scale Lagrangian and does not depend on assumptions about SUSY breaking.

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