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First Order QED Corrections to the Parity-Violating Asymmetry in Moller Scattering


We compute a full set of the first order QED corrections to the parity-violating observables in polarized Møller scattering. We employ a covariant method of removing infrared divergences, computing corrections without introducing any unphysical parameters. When applied to the kinematics of the SLAC E158 experiment, the QED corrections reduce the parity violating asymmetry by 4.5%. We combine our results with the previous calculations of the first-order electroweak corrections and obtain the complete O(&alpha) prescription for relating the experimental asymmetry ALR to the low-energy value of the weak mixing angle sin2θW. Our results are applicable to the recent measurement of ALR by the SLAC E158 collaboration, as well as to the future parity violation experiments.

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