ICFA Instrumentation Bulletin

The publication of the ICFA Instrumentation Bulletin is an activity of the Panel on Future Innovation and Development of ICFA (International Committee for Future Accelerators). The Bulletin reports on research and progress in the field of instrumentation with emphasis on application in the field of high energy physics. It encourages issues of the generic instrumentation.

Publisher: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,
SLAC-PUB Department,
Stanford, CA 94309, U.S.A.
Editor: J. Va'vra
Reviewer and web technical adviser: J. Schwiening

The views expressed in this Bulletin do not necessarily coincide with those of the ICFA Panel or the editor. In all cases the authors are responsible for their text. The printed version is mailed in limited numbers to institutions on the SLAC Instrumentation Mailing list. The individuals can reach the articles on the Web address:


Reprinting permitted with quotation of source.