J. Cohen-Tanugi, M. Convery, B. Ratcliff, X. Sarazin, J. Schwiening, and J. Va'vra

"Optical Properties of the DIRC Fused Silica Cherenkov Radiator"

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The DIRC detector is successfully operating as the hadronic particle identification system for the BaBar experiment at SLAC. The production of its Cherenkov radiator required much effort in practice, both in manufacture and conception, which in turn required a large number of R&D measurements. One of the major outcomes of this R&D work was an understanding of methods to select radiation hard and optically uniform fused silica material. Others included measurement of the wavelength dependency of the internal reflection coefficient, and its sensitivity to the surface pollution, selection of the radiator support, selection of good optical glue, etc. This note summarizes the optical R&D test results.

Last modified: 2 Feb 2001, Jochen.