P. Buzhan, B. Dolgoshein, A. Ilyin, V. Kantserov, V. Kaplin, A. Karakash, A. Pleshko, E. Popova, S. Smirnov, Yu. Volkov, L. Filatov, S. Klemin, F. Kayumov

"The Advanced Study of Silicon Photomultiplier"

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The advanced study of new photo detector - Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) is presented. SiPM consists of many (~103 mm-2) silicon micro pixels, which are independent photon micro counters working in limited Geiger mode with a gain of 106. The SiPM output signal is a sum of the signals from a number of pixels fired by photons. The main features of SiPM are: low excess noise factor, the photon detection efficiency at the level of vacuum PMT, low bias voltage (~24V). The timing of the SiPM is about 30 ps for 10 photoelectrons. The possibilities of SiPM applications based on experimental tests are demonstrated: sci fiber readout, scintillator-shifter system readout, possible application for hadron calorimeters.

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