How to Access SLAC's Electronic Preprints

What's on SLAC's Document Server

All SLAC Pubs and Reports are available PDF and/or compressed PostScript formats. These online electronic preprints (e-prints) are located on the SLAC Document Server. To find any SLAC preprint, use Find a SLAC Document.

Requests for printed versions (reprints) of any SLAC-document other than the pub, report, WP or TN series' should be directed to Posting.

Information related to other document collections at SLAC can be found on the Publications from SLAC page.

Software for Viewing and Printing

SLAC e-prints are stored on the SLAC Document Server in compressed PostScript and PDF formats, both of which require external applications for viewing and printing. Depending on your computing platform, you may need one or more of the following tools: