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The Early World Wide Web at SLAC:
Documentation of the Early Web at SLAC (1991-1994)

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This page lists (and links to) unpublished documents and presentations by the SLAC WWW Wizards about the early SLAC Web. It is by no means a comprehensive list of the work of these individuals, who have all written and presented extensively on other topics in their fields.

Wizards revisit guru, Paul Kunz February 2000
Some of the SLAC Web Wizards in Paul Kunz's Office February 2000

SLAC WWW Wizard Leader Louise Addis

Former Assistant Chief Librarian, Current SLAC Associate
Louise Addis is retired, but can still be reached at



Mark Barnett

SLAC WWW Wizard Mark Barnett

Computer Systems Specialist
Mark Barnett retired from SLAC, and is now deceased.

Les Cottrell

SLAC WWW Wizard Les Cottrell

Assistant Director, SLAC Computing Services Group
Les Cottrell can be reached at
George Crane

SLAC WWW Wizard George Crane

Computer Systems Specialist
George Crane can be reached at



SLAC WWW Wizard Tony Johnson

Experimental Physicist
Tony Johnson can be reached at

SLAC WWW Wizard Mentor Paul Kunz

Former Experimental Physicist, Current SLAC Associate
Paul Kunz can be reached at


  • Kunz, Paul F.  Bringing the World Wide Web to America.   pdf video .  Presentation to InterLab '99, 4 November 1999.  

SLAC WWW Wizard Bebo White

Former Software Developer, Current SLAC Associate
Bebo White can be reached at


  • Web Document Engineering. By Bebo White (SLAC). SLAC-PUB-7150, May 1996. 13pp. Talk given at 5th International World Wide Web Conference, Paris, France, 6-11 May 1996.
Joan Winters

SLAC WWW Wizard Joan Winters

Former Web System Administrator, Current SLAC Associate



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