Public Process Variable Gateway


The SPEAR process variable (PV) gateway is a standalone channel access (CA) server which allows clients outside the SPEAR IP subnet, and thus blocked by the SSRL firewall, access to PVs in the SPEAR control system. The gateway gives all SLAC clients read-access to all PVs and some SLAC clients write-access to specific groups of PVs. The Gateway User's Guide provides a detail description of the gateway. Gateway clients include SSRL beamline users who monitor stopper states and beam current and control insertion devices, and users on SLAC public machines who need up-to-date SPEAR status. The gateway connects to SPEAR IOCs and CA servers on behalf of the clients.

There is another gateway that isolates b132-iocrf from all CA clients. Click here for more detail.

To connect to the gateway, clients must set the following environment variables:

EPICS_CA_ADDR_LIST to "spearca1:5100 spearca2:5100"

To set these on a Windows XP machine:
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
On the Environment Variables panel, click "New" and enter the above two environment variables.

SPEAR EPICS Tools from Public RHEL Linux Machines

Anyone at SLAC may run SPEAR EPICS host tools ( EPICS extensions) from public RHEL6 64bit linux machines (ie, rhel6-64) using their AFS account.

To run the main spear EPICS EDM display:
ssh rhel6-64

To run any other tool:

ssh rhel6-64
tcsh (only if you are not already using turbo-C shell)
source /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/epicsReset
Run tool of interest.

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