GPIB Devices and LAN Boxes

Production LAN Boxes

Node Name IP Address MAC Address Location Instruments
b116-gpib1 (syslog) 00-30-D3-11-00-64 B116-102 TBD
b117-gpib1 (syslog) 00-30-D3-09-38-EE B117-13-39 SPEAR RF and BPM Test Tone PTS 500 Freq Syn (2),
SPEAR RF Agilent 53181A Freq Counter (manual),
SPEAR SRS DG535 (manual) (2),
Agilent 8647A Syn Signal Gen*
b118-gpib1 (syslog) 00-30-D3-07-64-54 B118-18-35 Kicker SRS DG535 (manual) (2)
b132-gpib1 (syslog) 00-30-D3-07-64-5E B132-102-4-44 SPEAR DCCT Keithley 2002 DVM (manual) (2)
b140-gpib1 (syslog) 00-30-D3-05-40-13 B140-105-24 Linac, LTB, and BTS SRS DG535 (manual) (6),
Linac RF Agilent 53181A Freq Counter (manual)
b140-gpib2 (syslog) 00-30-D3-07-64-9C B140-320-19 Booster SRS DG535 (manual) (1),
Booster RF Agilent 53181A Freq Counter (manual)
* Not currently connected to the LAN box.

Development LAN Boxes

Node Name IP Address MAC Address Used By
speargpib01 (syslog) 00-30-D3-0E-DE-7C Steve Gierman
speargpib02 (E2050) 08-00-09-1B-2E-90 B117 Computer Room
Broken E2050 N/A 08-00-09-1B-1E-86 B117 Computer Room
speargpib03 (syslog) 00-30-D3-05-40-E1 B34,Rm250
speargpib04 (syslog) 00-30-D3-0D-67-14 Jim Sebek


To setup the LAN box for the first time, after a factory-reset command, or after the Preset button has been depressed for 10 seconds:
  1. Choose a node name and email m$network@ssrl to get an IP address and have it entered into DNS. If it is production, the IP address must be chosen from the 466-GPIB group and must be added to the SPEAR_GPIBs group in the SSRL firewall.
  2. Note the serial number and MAC address on the sticker on the bottom of the box.
  3. Add the box to this web page.
  4. Update DHCP using the same procedure as RTEMS IOCs except put the node in the gpiblan group.
  5. telnet <node name>
  6. Set configurable parameters as follows. Enter default password when prompted. After all parameters are set, reboot and make sure the reboot is successful.
    Configurable Paramter Value to Enter
    dhcp OFF
    upnp OFF
    hostname <node name>
    ip <IP address>
    subnet-mask Prod:,
    gateway Prod:,
    lan-timeout 600

Firmware Upgrade

To upgrade firmware on a LAN box:
  1. ftp ftp.agilent.com, cd pub/e5810 and download e5810_latest_firmware.hex and Readme.txt.
  2. Using the spearmgr account, copy the files to ~spearmgr/e5810 on spearnfs.
  3. Stop any IOC using the LAN box. Stop soft-iocgpib.
  4. Using firefox on a spear linux host, access the main web page for the LAN box and choose "Help". On the web access help page, scroll down to "Updating E5810 Firmware" and choose "Update E5810 Firmware". On the "Enter Password" page, choose the default password.
  5. On the "Update Firmware" page, set the following parameters and then choose "Update Firmware":
    Configurable Paramter Value to Enter
    Firmware FTP Server IP Address
    User Login spearmgr
    Password <spearmgr password>
    Firmware File e5810/e5810_latest_firmware.hex
  6. Wait for the box to reboot and verify the new firmware on the the main web page for the LAN box (refresh first if needed).
  7. Restart any IOC using the LAN box. Start soft-iocgpib.

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Contact: Stephanie Allison
Last Modified: Jul 29, 2011