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Injector Ethernet Power Supply Controllers

Power Supply Node Name IP Address Location IOC
GTL-ALPHA b140-epsc-gtl-alpha B140-103 soft-iocpsinj
GTL-CHOP b140-epsc-gtl-chop B140-103 soft-iocpsinj
GUN-HEATER b140-epsc-gun-heater B140-103 soft-iocpsinj
BOO-DC b140-epsc-boo-dc B140 WC Bias soft-iocpsinj
BOO-AC b140-epsc-boo-ac B140 WC Pulser soft-iocpsinj
BOO-IS b140-epsc-boo-is B140-103 soft-iocpsinj
BOO-ES b140-epsc-boo-es B140-310-40 soft-iocpsinj
LTB-B1 b140-epsc-ltb-b1 B140-103-42 soft-iocpsinj
LTB-B2 b140-epsc-ltb-b2 B140-103-41 soft-iocpsinj
LTB-CORB2 b140-epsc-ltb-corb2 B140-103 soft-iocpsinj
LTB-B3 b140-epsc-ltb-b3 B140-103-43 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B1V b140-epsc-bts-b1v B140-103 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B2B6 b140-epsc-bts-b2b6 B140 BTS-B2B6 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q1F b140-epsc-bts-q1f B140-310-33 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q2D b140-epsc-bts-q2d B140-310-34 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q3F b140-epsc-bts-q3f B140-310-35 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q4D b140-epsc-bts-q4d B140-310-36 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q5D b140-epsc-bts-q5d B140-310-37 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q6F b140-epsc-bts-q6f B140-310-38 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-Q7D b140-epsc-bts-q7d B140-310-39 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B2TRIM b140-epsc-bts-b2trim B140-311-33 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B3TRIM b140-epsc-bts-b3trim B140-311-34 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B4TRIM b140-epsc-bts-b4trim B140-311-35 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B5TRIM b140-epsc-bts-b5trim B140-311-36 soft-iocpsinj
BTS-B6TRIM b140-epsc-bts-b6trim B140-311-37 soft-iocpsinj
140-PSD1 b140-epsc-test B140-? iocpsgendev

SPEAR Ethernet Power Supply Controllers

Power Supply Node Name IP Address Location IOC
RF-SOLN-MAIN b132-epsc-rf-soln B132-101-15 soft-iocpsspr
07G-ECD-BL08 b118-epsc-07g-ecd B118-10-29 soft-iocpsspr
17G-ECD-BL14 b118-epsc-17g-ecd B118-10-37 soft-iocpsspr
11G-ECD-BL16 b118-epsc-11g-ecd B118-09-37 soft-iocpsspr
10G-QFX b118-epsc-10g-qfx B118-04-37 soft-iocpsspr
10G-QFY b118-epsc-10g-qfy B118-05-37 soft-iocpsspr
10G-QFZ b118-epsc-10g-qfz B118-06-37 soft-iocpsspr
10G-QDX b118-epsc-10g-qdx B118-34-37 soft-iocpsspr
10G-QDY b118-epsc-10g-qdy B118-35-37 soft-iocpsspr
10G-QDZ b118-epsc-10g-qdz B118-36-37 soft-iocpsspr
09S-CD1 b118-epsc-09s-cd1 B118-13-33 soft-iocpsspr
09S-CD2 b118-epsc-09s-cd2 B118-08-31 soft-iocpsspr
09S-CD3 b118-epsc-09s-cd3 B118-09-31 soft-iocpsspr
09S-CD4 b118-epsc-09s-cd4 B118-10-31 soft-iocpsspr
BTS-B9V b118-epsc-bts-b9v B118-12-31 soft-iocpsspr
BTS-B7H b118-epsc-bts-b7h B118-11-29 soft-iocpsspr
MS1-BD b118-epsc-ms1-bd B118-48 soft-iocpsspr
MS1-SDBLK b118-epsc-ms1-sdblk B118-PS1 soft-iocpsspr
MS2-SD b118-epsc-ms2-sd B118-51-41 soft-iocpsspr
MS3-SD b118-epsc-ms3-sd B118-52-41 soft-iocpsspr
MS4-SD b118-epsc-ms4-sd B118-52-40 soft-iocpsspr
MS5-SD b118-epsc-ms5-sd B118-51-40 soft-iocpsspr
MS1-SFBLK b118-epsc-ms1-sfblk B118-PS2 soft-iocpsspr
MS2-SF b118-epsc-ms2-sf B118-53-41 soft-iocpsspr
MS3-SF b118-epsc-ms3-sf B118-54-41 soft-iocpsspr
MS4-SF b118-epsc-ms4-sf B118-54-40 soft-iocpsspr
MS5-SF b118-epsc-ms5-sf B118-53-40 soft-iocpsspr
MS5-SF b118-epsc-ms5-sf B118-53-40 soft-iocpsspr
03G-QD1 b118-epsc-03g-qd1 B118-50-35 soft-iocpsspr
03G-QD2 b118-epsc-03g-qd2 B118-50-33 soft-iocpsspr
03G-QF1 b118-epsc-03g-qf1 B118-49-35 soft-iocpsspr
03G-QF2 b118-epsc-03g-qf2 B118-49-33 soft-iocpsspr
04G-QD1 b118-epsc-04g-qd1 B118-50-31 soft-iocpsspr
04G-QD2 b118-epsc-04g-qd2 B118-50-29 soft-iocpsspr
04G-QF1 b118-epsc-04g-qf1 B118-49-31 soft-iocpsspr
04G-QF2 b118-epsc-04g-qf2 B118-49-29 soft-iocpsspr
MS2-QFC b118-epsc-ms2-qfc B118-PS4 soft-iocpsspr
MS1-BDBLK b118-epsc-ms1-bdblk B118-PS7 soft-iocpsspr
TSP1 Bulk b118-epsc-tsp1 B118-14-35 soft-iocpsspr
TSP2 Bulk b118-epsc-tsp2 B118-14-33 soft-iocpsspr
TSP3 Bulk b118-epsc-tsp3 B118-14-31 soft-iocpsspr
TSP4 Bulk b118-epsc-tsp4 B118-14-29 soft-iocpsspr
TSP5 Bulk b118-epsc-tsp5 B118-14-37 soft-iocpsspr
TSP6 Bulk b118-epsc-tsp6 B118-14-39 soft-iocpsspr
Spare Spare Spare Spare
Spare Spare Spare Spare
118-PSD4 b118-epsc-test TBD iocpsgendev

SLAC Bitbus Power Supply Controllers

Power Supply Bitbus Line Bitbus Address Location IOC
05G-QD1 2 4 B118-31-35 b118-iocps
05G-QD2 2 5 B118-31-33 b118-iocps
06G-QD1 2 6 B118-31-31 b118-iocps
06G-QD2 2 7 B118-31-29 b118-iocps
07G-QD1 2 8 B118-32-35 b118-iocps
07G-QD2 2 9 B118-32-33 b118-iocps
08G-QD1 2 10 B118-32-31 b118-iocps
08G-QD2 2 11 B118-32-29 b118-iocps
11G-QD1 2 12 B118-33-35 b118-iocps
11G-QD2 2 13 B118-33-33 b118-iocps
12G-QD1 2 14 B118-33-31 b118-iocps
12G-QD2 2 15 B118-33-29 b118-iocps
13G-QD1 2 16 B118-34-35 b118-iocps
13G-QD2 2 17 B118-34-33 b118-iocps
14G-QD1 2 18 B118-34-31 b118-iocps
14G-QD2 2 19 B118-34-29 b118-iocps
15G-QD1 2 20 B118-35-35 b118-iocps
15G-QD2 2 21 B118-35-33 b118-iocps
16G-QD1 2 22 B118-35-31 b118-iocps
16G-QD2 2 23 B118-35-29 b118-iocps
17G-QD1 2 24 B118-36-31 b118-iocps
17G-QD2 2 25 B118-36-29 b118-iocps
05G-QF1 0 27 B118-01-35 b118-iocps
05G-QF2 0 28 B118-01-33 b118-iocps
06G-QF1 0 29 B118-01-31 b118-iocps
06G-QF2 0 30 B118-01-29 b118-iocps
07G-QF1 0 31 B118-02-35 b118-iocps
07G-QF2 0 32 B118-02-33 b118-iocps
08G-QF1 0 33 B118-02-31 b118-iocps
08G-QF2 0 34 B118-02-29 b118-iocps
11G-QF1 0 35 B118-03-35 b118-iocps
11G-QF2 0 36 B118-03-33 b118-iocps
12G-QF1 0 37 B118-03-31 b118-iocps
12G-QF2 0 38 B118-03-29 b118-iocps
13G-QF1 0 39 B118-04-35 b118-iocps
13G-QF2 0 40 B118-04-33 b118-iocps
14G-QF1 0 41 B118-04-31 b118-iocps
14G-QF2 0 42 B118-04-29 b118-iocps
15G-QF1 0 43 B118-05-35 b118-iocps
15G-QF2 0 44 B118-05-33 b118-iocps
16G-QF1 0 45 B118-05-31 b118-iocps
16G-QF2 0 46 B118-05-29 b118-iocps
17G-QF1 0 47 B118-06-31 b118-iocps
17G-QF2 0 48 B118-06-29 b118-iocps
MS1-QDX 1 51 B118-08-35 b118-iocps
MS1-QDY 1 52 B118-08-33 b118-iocps
MS1-QDZ 1 53 B118-09-35 b118-iocps
MS1-QFX 1 54 B118-09-33 b118-iocps
MS1-QFY 1 55 B118-10-35 b118-iocps
MS1-QFZ 1 56 B118-10-33 b118-iocps
MS1-SDM 1 59 B118-07-31 b118-iocps
MS1-SFM 1 60 B118-07-29 b118-iocps
BTS-B8V 1 63 B118-12-29 b118-iocps
BTS-Q8F 1 64 B118-13-31 b118-iocps
BTS-Q9D 1 65 B118-13-29 b118-iocps
04G-ECD-BL01 1 66 B118-08-29 b118-iocps
05G-ECD-BL02 1 67 B118-09-29 b118-iocps
09G-QFX 0 72 B118-01-37 b118-iocps
09G-QFY 0 73 B118-02-37 b118-iocps
09G-QFZ 0 74 B118-03-37 b118-iocps
02G-QF1 0 75 B118-06-35 b118-iocps
02G-QF2 0 76 B118-06-33 b118-iocps
09G-QDX 2 77 B118-31-37 b118-iocps
09G-QDY 2 78 B118-32-37 b118-iocps
09G-QDZ 2 79 B118-33-37 b118-iocps
02G-QD1 2 80 B118-36-35 b118-iocps
02G-QD2 2 81 B118-36-33 b118-iocps
09S-QF1 1 82 B118-07-35 b118-iocps
09S-QD1 1 83 B118-07-37 b118-iocps
09S-QF2 1 84 B118-07-33 b118-iocps
015-PSD1 0 22 B15 PS Test ioc-b15-mg02
015-PSD2 0 23 B15 PS Test ioc-b15-mg02

EPSC Serial Connection

The 15 pin serial port on the controller can be used for debugging as shown in the example screen. The communication settings must be: To connect to a PC serial port, a 15 pin male D and a 9 pin female D connector are required. The connections are as follows:
Signal 9 Pin 15 Pin
TX 2 9
RX 3 1
GND 5 5
RTS 6 10
CTS 7 2
All unspecified pins must be open. They are used for other applications.

Once connected, the only menu that causes changes in the controller is #1 ("Program EEPROMs"). The other menus only report status information. Typing an "A" within 2 seconds after a reset puts you in the Netburner menu, but the watchdog timer in the Xilinx will reset the board after 10 seconds. Connecting a local control board and putting the controller in local mode disables the watchdog timer and allows stable operation of the Netburner monitor program.

EPSC Telnet Connection

The 11/24/08 version of the EPSC firmware allows diagnostic information to be displayed using a TCP/IP Telnet session. To access from a linux server:
telnet <EPSC node name or ip address>
See the example screen for commands and usage detail

Genesys PS Ethernet Setup

  1. Choose a node name and email m$network@ssrl to get an IP address and have it entered into DNS. If it is production, the IP address must be chosen from the 466-EPSC group and must be added to the SPEAR_PSs group in the SSRL firewall.
  2. Make sure the LAN enable switch on the back of the power supply is set correctly as specified by the Genesys Technical Manual for LAN Option 1683.
  3. Connect the ethernet cable to a port (100/full or auto-negotiate) on the SSRL network, outside the firewall. Currently DHCP does NOT work when the PS is behind the firewall.
  4. Power on the PS and note the MAC address using instructions in the manual.
  5. If necessary (ie, if the PS has static IP addressing and is currently using the wrong configuration), reset the LAN configuration on the power supply using instructions in the manual.
  6. Update DHCP using the same procedure as RTEMS IOCs except put the node in the gpiblan group.
  7. Power cycle the PS. The LAN status LED on the back of the power supply should change to green within about 20 seconds. If necessary, check the DHCP log messages in /var/log/messages on spearnfs. Root privilege is needed to view the file.
  8. Use ping to verify the PS is using the correct IP address. In a web browser on a SPEAR host, access the web page for the power supply using http://<node name> as URL.
  9. On the web page, use instructions from the manual to log in and configure the LAN using the following settings:
    Name Value
    TCP/IP Mode Static IP
    IP address <PS IP address>
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway
    Controller Access One Client Only
  10. Log out from the web browser. Move the ethernet port to one behind the firewall so only SPEAR servers can access the PS web page. Power cycle the PS and verify that it comes up correctly configured. Remove the node from DHCP (added in a previous step).


  1. Add the PS to the $EPICS_APP/PowerSupply application.
  2. Add the PS sequence and configuration (if applicable) to the appropriate IOC startup file.
  3. Add the PS to various $EDM displays.
  4. Add applicable PVs to ChannelWatcher configuration files and restart ChannelWatcher.
  5. Add applicable PVs to Alarm Handler configuration files and restart ALH.
  6. Add setpoint PVs that need to be restored on restart and readback PVs for history using the PV database web interface.
  7. Add the PS to the appropriate table of this web page.

Conversion from Synergy to MVME6100 MCOR CPU

  1. Make sure PEM has upgraded the MCOR crate to supply more power.
  2. Get PEM to attach a Frankenboard, modified for higher power, to the MVME6100. Use a MVME6100 with scanbe handles.
  3. Move the PMC ethernet card from the Synergy to MVME6100 if the CPU is part of fast feedback.
  4. Request m$network to change the CPU serial cable from Synergy to MVME6100 pinout.
  5. Update the IOC web page for the change in model, MAC address, and battery replacement date. Add a line to the spares list for the now unused Synergy CPU. Update total spares for both MVME6100 and Synergy on the VME web page
  6. Change the $APP/Mcor/prod/mcorApp/DbIoc substitution file for the IOC to use iocMonDummy.db instead of iocMon.db.
  7. Change the $APP/Mcor/prod/iocBoot ioc startup file (st.cmd) to use b118-iocmcor/st.cmd.mvme instead of b118-iocmcor/st.cmd.
  8. Change the MAC address and BSP type in DHCP for the ioc node name following instructions on the IOC web page. This page also has instructions for flashing and configuring a new CPU.
  9. Release a new version of the Mcor application and reboot the IOC. Reboot a second time as always needed after a CPU power cycle.
  10. Remove the IOC CPU temperature and battery status from the $EDM mcortemp.edl and diagnostics/cpu_diags.edl and cpu_time.edl displays.
  11. Change IOCManager/IOCManagerApp/Db/spear/ntwk_spr.alhsubstitutions to move the IOC from ioc_rtems_nv.alhConfig to ioc_rtems.alhConfig. Generate ntwk_spr.alhconfig, copy it to $TOOLS/AlarmConfigsTop/ntwk/MAIN_TRUNK/spear/src/ntwk_spr.alhConfig, commit, release, and restart the NTWK ALH.
  12. Change $TOOLS/AlarmConfigsTop/temp/MAIN_TRUNK/spear/src/temp_spr.alhConfig to remove the IOC CPU temperature. Commit, release, and restart the TEMP ALH.
  13. Remove CPU temperature from $APP/PowerSupply/prod/bitPSCApp/Db/ mcorInhibitAll.db. This change can wait for the next release of PowerSupply.

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Last Modified: May 18, 2015