Design Rules for Operational EDM Displays

1. Windows

1.1 Size

The maximum size of an EDM display window is 1000x750 pixels.

1.2 Navigation

Each display has a related display widget pointing to the Index Display and an Exit Button which closes the display. The Index Display has an Exit Button which exits EDM. Small special purpose popup windows need not have these navigation widgets.

1.3 Titles

Each display has a text title and a similar icon title (set in the Display Properties).

1.4 Template Display

The size, font, color and placement of the display properties, title and navigation widgets are available in $EDM/template_display.edl. It is recommended that new displays use this file as the starting point.

2. Standards

2.1 Files

2.2 Printing

Printing of displays is accomplished from the Print dialog available via the middle button popup menu.

2.3 Fonts

All the fonts in fonts.list should be available in the Exceed 75dpi font directory. The appearance of the displays should be checked using the Exceed and Solaris X servers.

2.4 Colors

The named colors in colors.list are used as follows:

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Last Modified: Sep 3, 2003