The following EPICS channel access client or other EPICS-related host programs (extensions) run on SPEAR hosts. They are either downloaded from other sites or developed at SPEAR and made available to other sites. Most extensions are listed in the EPICS collaboration extensions page. Unless otherwise noted, these extensions are built for EPICS base R3.14.11 on linux-x86_64 and solaris-sparc-gnu.

This list is a subset of all extensions in the SPEAR CVS repository (except labca). To add a new extension, follow the instructions in /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/extensions/src/README.

Note that labca is kept in the SPEAR Matlab CVS repository along with production Matlab applications that use it.

Note that java apps and other apps provided by vendors (ie, vdct, ImageJ, AVT_GigE_SDK) are kept in /afs/slac/g/spear/hostApps and are not all in the CVS repository.

Related Links

Archive and Alarm Handlers

Extension Name Notes User Docs Distribution
Alarm Handler (alh) - User's Guide, (html), SLAC Alarm System How-To APS
ChannelWatcher - Description SLAC
EPICS Archive Appliance - User's Guide Collaboration

Display Tools

Extension Name Notes User Docs Distribution
Extensible Display Manager (edm) Linux Only User's Guide, SPEAR EDM Design Rules, SPEAR EDM Presentation SNS
Motif Editor & Display Manager (medm) - User's Guide, (html) APS
StripTool - User's Guide APS
ImageJ Comes with AreaDetector EPICS Description, User Guide, Linux Notes CARS, ImageJ

Channel Access Client Tools

Extension Name Notes User Docs Distribution
Lab CA for Scilab and MATLAB (labca) Linux Only User's Guide (PDF) (HTML), EZCA Primer SPEAR
Python EPICS Channel Access (PyEpics) Linux Only User's Guide (PDF) CARS
CALSERVER (CA-Lite Server) VMS Only Gets data and sends ASCII results over a socket SPEAR
CA Command Line Tools - CA Reference Manual EPICS base
probe - - APS

Channel Access Server Tools

Extension Name Notes User Docs Distribution
Public gateway, SPEAR RF gateway - User's Guide APS
caSnooper - User's Guide APS

Database Edit/Report Tools

Extension Name Notes User Docs Distribution
Visual Database Config Tool (vdct) - User's Manual COSYLAB
Database Report (dbreport) - Description SPEAR
Macro Substitution Tool (msi) - Description APS

Miscellaneous Tools

Extension Name Notes User Docs Distribution
GNU Regular Expressions Library (gnuregex) Req for gateway - APS
IOC Log Message Server (iocLogMsgServer) - Derived from iocLogServer in EPICS base. SPEAR
Multi Facility Deploy (cram) Linux Only. User Guide, EPICS Collaboration Presentation, Migration Guide (slaconly), Developing IOCs with cram (slaconly) LCLS

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