R3.14.11 Release

Documentation for Base

Base resides in /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/base.

Documentation for Modules

Modules (EPICS support that is not part of base) reside in /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/site.

Documentation for Extensions

Extensions reside in /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/extensions for 3.14.11 and /afs/slac/g/spear/epics/app/extensions for 3.13.10..

Setup for Testing R3.14.11

Build Details

Before building, first set the minimal setup provided by SCCS (/usr/local/bin/environ). Then set the following environment variable:
setenv EPICS_HOST_ARCH <linux-x86_64 or solaris-sparc-gnu>

For linux, the build is done on SPEAR Linux machines. The build is static.

Since the SPEAR RF IOC application uses an old version of vxWorks, the application can only be built on Solaris, specifically one of the public Solaris machines provided by SCCS. Currently, the RF IOC uses EPICS 3.13.10 and a separate EPICS 3.13.10 build is kept for this purpose. In preparation for an upgrade to EPICS 3.14, 3.14 base and a subset of the modules, extensions, and IOC applications are built on Solaris and vxWorks. The build on Solaris is dynamic.

Tool Version Required Version Used
GNU make 3.81 or later 3.81
GNU gcc compiler 3.4.2 or later linux-x86_64: 4.4.5
solaris-sparc-gnu: 3.4.3
Perl 5.8.1 or later 5.8.8
RTEMS (html, pdf), RTEMS at SLAC 4.9.2 or later 4.9.4
VxWorks, VxWorks at SLAC 5.4.x or later 5.4.2
Solaris n/a SunOS 5.10
Linux n/a RHEL6 64 bit

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Contact: Stephanie Allison
Last modified: April 6, 2011