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4kHz Readback History

The PVs: <corr>:Curr1MuxADCTbl, <corr>:Curr2MuxADCTbl and <corr>:VoltMuxADCTbl hold 4kHz history waveforms of the readback ADCs. History data acquisition is started at the same 4kHz cycle the first setpoint is written to the DAC and it stops when the buffer is full. The ADC waveforms also support Spear timestamps. Because the state machine always starts the setpoint table and the readback waveforms at the same clock cycle, the Spear Timestamp attached to CurrSetpt and xxxMuxADCTbl should always be the same.

Note that whereas there is an interpolation feature (see below) for the setpoint tables, the sampling rate of the ADCs is always fixed at $\approx 4$kHz (Frev/320). Also, unlike the setpoint table, the readbacks do not loop/wrap around. Once the buffers are full, data acquisition stops.

Till Straumann 2005-06-02