Lucent Meeting 3/2/00

SLAC March 2, 2000


Anita Warren - account executive; Caye Blick - application specialist <>; Bob Lewis - briefing specialist.

Lucent spinning off "Baby Lucent" ($8B company) to focus on end user voice & data network system X cabling, PBXs and enterprise, will get more into applications business (email, web, residential etc.). "Big Brother" (BB) Lucent will retain carrier side of things, micro electronics, fiber optics, sell more to countries includes   The BL will now be able to partner with Cisco and 3COM. Bell Labs R&D related to PBX will go with BL, the R&D with carrier and service provider goes with BB

For government accounts BL will work with these accounts. Will do multi-vendor environment solutions, so could have a Nortel or Siemens solution. They will send us the web site for their government solutions businesses.

LLNL & Sandia have Lucent PBXs. LANL has multiple PBXs each for department. Working with Presidio to provide DSL for customers on site.

Lucent took over Ascend for switches and DSL solutions. 

Definity - Enterprise Communications Server - Bob Lewis

Definity is their PBX, Intuity is their voice mail (VM) service. Lucent purchased Octel a few years ago, and support and improve both. Intuity and Octel are the dominant VMs in the Silicon Valley. They are pushing the Intuity boxes, but still sell Octel for some applications. They manufacture their own digital phones which are proprietary. Model 6408 has bulit in speaker phone 8 hard buttons, separate buttons, MWL, display, $150. Can use exiting analog phones.

The Definity is a voice server which provides CTI with the LAN. The focuses are:

Definity Architecture

The layered architecture separates applications, call control management, switch fabric. This enables them to mix and match. They provide plug-ins to the switch fabric. Plug-ins allow IP and ATM interfaces Can hot remove & insert cards. They have a family of RISC processors. Used to use Intel, could go back. Dual bus architecture provides for failure redundancy.  Can have an optional standby processor so don't lose calls in process. This also enables a smooth upgrade of software. Has modem to call out to maintenance center. The dial in requires DES3 encryption. Will need a SecureID card. They have an indemnity option such that they will indemnify us if we are the victims of toll fraud.

Definity ProLogics can grow from 1 to 3 cabinets up to 400 user. The G3si is scalable up to 2800 stations and 400 trunks. The G3r allows 4000 trunks & 25000 stations. They all use the same software. The G3r is the scale we would be aimed at. Has stackable cabinets. Cabinets can be in different buildings. Attach remote stations via Center Stage Switch with max distance 4.1 to 21.7 miles to remote EPNs. Distance limitations are due to timing limitations of 120msec, which may depend on the quality of the T1. Can go cross-country. Have ATM interafces to connect Definity boxes together. can support SoftPhone (PC VoIP) or Etherphones.  Can use the public switched network to use PSTN when the Internet is not providing adequate QoS. There is a new Lucent product caled te IP Exchange systems done by Bell Labs, not by Definity people. Has basic telephony features with built in VM, runs on NT with gateways to public network and is more stand-alone (does not rely on central Definity to be up and running).

Another option is for road wariors to integrate voice & email via IP solution. Requires Definity with vsn 8.2 delivered April 3, 2000. Requires Ethernet/IP interface card in Definity. Need SoftPhone software to be installed on the PC. Can review VM folder and also pick up calls and get email via single IP session and call also make calls via enterprise Definity. Can also request Definity to redirect call over regular phone which is nearby.


This is a product that is an adjunct (not built in) to the Definity. Uses public cell frequencies at  low power. While around Definity draws dial tone from Definity and can receive and make calls via Definity. When leave Definity area then get cellular vendor services.

Definity ECS Reliability

Definity is over 4M lines of code. 55% of code = maintenance; 50% troubles cleared by PBXpert (includes maintenance history, spits out analysis to enable human); 45% trouble cleared with technical specification; 5% trouble requires dispatch. The PBXpert is a selling point for Lucent. Without duplicate hardware get to 99.96% availability. In Bay Area metropolitan  area it is 38 minutes to respond (guarantee 2 hours). Major supply center is in San Ramon. Can get down to 99.999% by duplicated hardware. Warranty covers dispatching of technician at normal rates, and cost of parts. There is web based access into their maintenance system to access trouble tickets. Can create own trouble tickets and is part of standard warranty maintenance.

6408D Voice Terminal

24 phone interfaces per card. Each card support every Lucent digital phones, even older 4 wire phones (toady 1 pair, 2 wires). Phones take power from the phone line (no need for local power to drive the LCD screen). They support analog phones. Advise that for people using phones on regular basis, then give digital phone on a regular basis, makes MACs easier if need to move to a diital phone later. Can change phone and then at phone can assign phone number to phone. For modems with a digital phone can get an analog (tip & ring) interface to access a FAX or modems (needs power), this is only available with a up market phone (6415 or 6424), the big advantage is can use the same digital modems. The 64xx modular sets have a standard jack for a head set and have a headset button so do not need to take phone off hook.

System Administration

Get one copy of GUI admin interface. There are 2 versions. One free GUI interface (Definity Site Administrator - DSA) allows one person at a time to be in an area (remove, change ...), software tells you somebody else is in the area. The second system has an NT server (Digital Network Administrator - DNA) which mirrors and synchronizes with the system and allows up to 10 people to make updates, with record locking. The user interfaces are identical so the migration is simple. Today to connect into Definity (from DNA) go in via serial interface. Will have telnet in release 9, available late 2000. Can support multiple serial lines. Also have a data module that allows digital access into system, i.e. RS232 from PC into Definity. With multiple users have userids and passwords (can have one-time passwords with SecureID cards or PC emulation) and varying priviledges based on userid. With Definity Site Administrator software on my PC I can schedule jobs to pull down from Definity (through serial interface) information for every phone at SLAC and save to a file, then export to the database. This has been available for over 2 years.

Integrated VM & PBX Administration

Intuity (VM) and Definity (PBX) connect into network, also there is a bundle of phone lines between them. The network is used for control, the phone lines are used to pass voice information. Lucent makes heavier use of the control (e.g. for lighting MWL) line that other vendors which reduces the number of voice ports needed.  Since it is a network connection, other people on the network can interface to an SNMP/POP server and the voice mail messages can be integrated (i.e. standard email client can be made to know about > 1 "Mail" servers, one of which is the normal POP/SNMP server, the other the voicemail server. Then can play messages through sound card of PC (as a wave file, 120kBytes for 1 minute with compression) or direct them to a nearby phone, download for saving. Can also get email message (by filters) generate a voice mail message, and will do text to voice.  Voice mail box also becomes a valid email address (e.g. and uses text to voice. to enunciate the message.

Definity Anywhere

A telephony sever with interface to Definity. Can launch data (NetMeeting) or voice call from Outlook address book. Can add (conference) people in. The new solution via VoIP is an improvement.


Williams are not an authorized Lucent dealer, so would not expect them to provide maintenance.  They do have authorized dealers.