ESnet Steering Committee Meeting

September 10-12, 1997, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Rough Notes by Les Cottrell


Report from Washington

View from Washington

Report from ICFA-NTF Esnet International

ESnet Report

The meeting was held in the Hotel Santa Fe, which was provided with a T1 connection for the meeting. There were about 50 attendees, about 50% (23) were using laptops in the meeting of which only 4 were Macs. The attendees included the ESSC members plus about 20 attendees from the ICFA-NTF meeting the previous 2 days.

Report from Washington - George Seweryniak

Large scale networks:

ESnet & NGI programmatic Goals

ESnet Future

FTS2001 Services


View from Washington - Dan Hitchcock

Networks are Critical to the Accomplishments of DOE Missions - good news, and they are free (i.e. no money provided) - bad news.

Short Term Issues:

Net R&D Program Foci

DOE 2000 Collaboratory R&D

Report from ESI/ICFA Meeting - Larry Price, Ramon Tirler


  • Extensive 155Mbps network plus 34 MBps
  • Funded by Universities & other clients
  • Has 2*T3 (43 Mbps) links to US which are already saturated during the working day


ESnet Report - Jim Leighton

Contract with Sprint runs out soon. Looking at negotiating a new contract. Will compete. NASA/NREN interested in collaborating. Will use successful aspects of current contract including advanced communications services, partnership arrangement working within vendor's general strategy, term = 3+1+1 years.

New requirements:

Schedule for reprocurement:

Research Directions

DOE corporate network

PR Work