IEPM meeting between SLAC & FNAL, June 3 '02

Attendees Maxim Grigoriev, Lee Lueking, Phil Demar, Al Thomas, Frank Nagy, and Les Cottrell plus Warren Matthews and Connie Logg by phone.


Connie needs an account. To get an account she needs to get registered as  a FNAL user. Once she has done this, let Frank know so he can push it through and then she can get a principal.

For running dmzmon0, the measuring machine at SLAC  needs to start processes. Need to get the human out of the loop. Warren has installed the kerberized ssh but not all of FNAL kerberized environment. The full FNAL kerberized environment includes kcroninit. If we installed FNAL k then it will allow one to map from K5 to K4 to allow access to AFS, since there is backward compatibility. This requires a small amount of editing of some config file. The SLAC network group does not maintain its own machines, the SLAC systems folks do not wish to support the FNAL K5 environment. The FNAL folks could get SLAC access to the FNAL. Warren could solve the problem if we could get kcroninit running at SLAC. It is conceivable that since dmzmon0 is outside the FNAL firewall then could use the un-kerberized ssh. Frank would like to stay within FNAL guidelines. Set up a voice conference with Warren Matt Crawford <>, 630-840-3461

D0 monitoring network performance to SAM station clients.

Lee Lueking (  has provided a set of about 30 remote SAM sites. They are working with Mark Sosoby ( from UT (D0) to set up a PingER beacon site at UT and FNAL will collect the data from UT and put it into the PingER analysis, archiving. Then want to move onto active  high performance monitoring of D0 from Dmzmon0. Frank needs to know how the IEPM-BW data storage needs grow.

Also want to do some passive monitoring, idea is to use Netflow to look at data. Might want to do some privacy filtering. It should be a FNAL generic solution. For SAM/D0 could select a subset of records of interest to them.

D0 has a workshop  in Oklahoma at beginning of July. Lee wants to get an idea of how the active performance is working to the SAM sites.  SLAC is installing IEPM-BW at Manchester this week. All being well SLAC will try installing the IEPM-BW monitoring tools at FNAL next week coordinating with Maxim, with a test to SLAC or Manchester, and then add UTA. Will involve Mark Sosebee. There is a possibility that we might be able to distribute the remote site software via the SAM distribution method. 

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