ICFA-SCIC phone meeting 1/15/03

By Les Cottrell

Attendees: Many by VRVS at  UERJ, Caltech,  CERN, SLAC, KEK, Moscow

Introduction  - H. Newman

We have 2 weeks (maximum of 3) to submit our report to ICFA. Harvey leaves for the ICFA meeting in Japan on Feb 8-9, 2003.

Next step is to create the overall executive report.

Digital Divide is being maintained, need to work to prevent it increasing. Need to focus on action items for ICFA.

Request Help from ICFA on the Digital Divide. ICFA SCIC Will Help: by Setting Up and Maintaining an HENP World Network Database; and pointing up problems. We will seek advice and action from ICFA members on specific issues. We propose a model HENP World Network  To bring to the attention of vendors. To focus the efforts of organizations, such as the IEEAF, who can help. A strong monitoring effort (the IEPM) is required. Such an effort needs to be expanded. Need ICFA's help to get funding. We need ICFA’s help to get better world coverage. We need to propagate new tools; information on best practices. Integrate Monitoring and Support for the Community in a New Organization?

Alberto has a student who can work on the map  (model HENP World Network model). Harvey requested everyone to read the reports and submit suggestions etc. by email. Olivier is concerned about the emphasis on donations for IEEAF, since it is unclear how much they will be able to deliver.

Site Updates

SLAC - Richard

Most traffic is still going via Internet 2. Working with ESnet to look at changing routing to use ESnet more. Working with Level(3) to investigate extending fiber from Sunnyvale to SLAC.

Russia - Slava Ilyin

High level meeting recently, MSU & Khurchatov Ministry  Sci, Edu, Atomic Energy agreed to collect budgets from local sources. Put out tender for operation of academic network. France Telecom won it. STM1 to StarLight. STM1 to GEANT (start end Jan), STM1 to commodity, 4th STM1 unclear due to budgeting. Events will force Russian networks to come closer to one another so closer to model of advanced world.  Ilyin will provide his update to the Digital Divide report in the next week.

Brazil - Alberto Santoro

Making contacts with the new administration. Discussions on fibers with large company. May cover entire country. Hope to meet minister of science & technology to discuss networks in Brazil and the Digital Divide. Hopes to get some responses from the government. Talk about extending networks to secondary schools for education. Looking to a new connection between Sao Paolo and Rio with connections at Gbits/s to major institutes including IERJ.


Florida's National Light Rail (NLR). Met with SURA recently. Talk about activities with CENIC and offers by AT&T & Level(3) for managed wavelength or fiber for Florida. Hope to be able to connect Jacksonville up to NLR. More news by end of month as get more formal tenders. Connections to Rio (HEP) are being worked by Heidi with Marv Goldberg of NSF. Hope to be able to say more at meeting in Miami.

Global Crossing won RFP for connection from Rio to Miami, expected 155Mbits/s initially, hope to discuss at Miami workshop.

AMPATH meeting will have a few people from funding agency at Sao Paolo, hope for discussion on lilnk between Miami and Brazil, will be sub-meeting to address these issues.

KEK - Yukio Karita

NII's link to NY started Jan 6 as planned. Peering between ESnet and NII is delayed by a month, when in place KEK traffic will go over NII link via NY. ACFA is an affiliated member of APAN, and Yukio will attend APAN meeting next week as an ACFA delegate. Until the peering between ESnet and NII at New York starts, the KEK-ESnet traffic will be carried by APAN/Tranpac via StarLight.

CERN - Olivier Martin

IN2P3 now has 1Gbits/s to CERN, but no longer use line between CERN and StarLight in normal circumstances.  Looking to get 10Gbits/s.

Monitoring WG Report

See http://www.slac.stanford.edu/grp/scs/net/talk/icfa-jan03.ppt

Major additions/changes agreed to were:

Completed report is needed to Harvey by February 6th so he can carry it to the ICFA meeting in Japan, and also get it to the ICFA folks in advance of the meeting.

Advanced Technologies Report - Olivier Martin

Richard Hughes-Jones has been unable to create the report. We need a coherent document to present with a few pages (e.g. 10 paragraphs, one for each major point). The point is to bring out the transitions we are going through. There will be a follow up phone meeting between Olivier Martin, Harvey and Richard Hughes-Jones to pursue this.

Digital Divide Report - Alberto Santoro

Went through the maps in Appendix B of the Digital Divide report to ensure they are up-to-date. There will be a follow up phone meeting.