Les Cottrell's ESCC Sep '95 Trip Report

Last Update: October 5, 1995

DOE Updates

DOE-2000 is a program to use advanced information techniques to support 1) virtual labs (i.e. collaborative environment technology which might be used, for example, to provide the Advanced Light Source with extended facilities online) , 2) advanced computational testing and simulation (which appears to be aimed, in ER, replacing hazardous experiments with simulations to provide a means of conducting safe tests). Both of these programs dovetail Galvin Commission recommendations. One of the intents is to increase the availability of the labs and data to industry and academia. This will require a significant investment of $75M+/year. The Defense Program and ER will be taxed to provide this.

There is a Federal Network Internet Security Plan being worked on to provide guidelines for agencies on how to implement security. Look under the federal networking council's home page for more information. Apparently people like Netscape are looking at integrating Email with the Web, in order to provide a platform independent Email system. There appears to be a real need for a powerful (smart browser, keyword searches, filtering, identification of important vs junk, handles enclosures) client that is easy to use, runs on all platforms etc. The DCCC wants to create an Email requirements document.

There is concern about the duplicate wide area networks being built in DOE. DOE is putting together a departmental group to look at this. The charter is being worked on.

Distributed Informatic Collaborative Computing Environment (DICCE)

MICS has approved financial plans to fund the first 8 DICCE proposals at $14.46M (total). . There may be some more carry over funding (from the delay in the ATM/Sprint contract) for funding more DICCE pilots. The DICCE approved projects are: Authentication infrastructure; Distributed Environments and Epics; A Reference Model for Providing Network Resources; Security for Large Scal Remote Environments; Secure PVM; Privacy and Security for Packet Switched Video over the WAN; Distributed Informatics Management; Integrated Architecture for a Global File System. There was a proposal for load sharing but it was not funded.

One topic not well represented in the DICCE proposals was for common Mac, PC and Unix MBONE conferencing tools.

DCCE Highlights

Bill Johnson talked about 5 pilots for DCEE. The 5 pilots include: electron microcopy with virtual reality - based at ANL, remote control for a fusion Tokomak (LLNL, Princeton, ORNL, GA), distributed collaborations on environmental molecular sciences (PNL), remote operation of the Advanced Light Source (Wisconsin and LBL), security architectures. See the URL http://www-itg.lbl.gov/DCEEpage/DCEE_Overview.html for more details.

There is considerable interest in the electronic logbook. Some of the concerns are timestamping, and legal (e.g. Patent issues). Baylor has an X platform notebook. Deb Argarwal of LBL seems to have done quite a lot in this area. There was interest in a possible workshop to hammer out requirements for this broad, complex subject, plus a speaker for the next DCCC on this.

There is also interest in resource discovery, and a call for a workshop and speaker for this, maybe coordinated with something on CORBA.

Les Cottrell
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