Last Update: May 13, 1999

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TelAlert allows alpha-numeric pages to be sent from any SLAC web browser and any SCS-maintained UNIX or VMS computer. Use the TelAlert web form to send simple text messages (e.g., We're meeting in 5 minutes); note that you and the recipient must have a UNIX username.

For instructions on how to use TelAlert on a SCS-supported UNIX workstation (unixhub, vestas, morgans, etc), or any member of the SLACVX VMS cluster, type: telalert -help

SLAC pagers are not registered to use TelAlert by default. If you wish to have your pager enabled to use TelAlert, fill out the registration form

Do not use Telalert for reporting computing problems. Doing so will only delay action on your problem. Please report all trouble calls to the SCS help desk at 926-HELP and the appropriate staff will be paged.

SLAC's alpha pagers include 150 pages/month for the flat fee. Additional pages are charged a rate of $0.10 each.

All pages sent through TelAlert are logged and should not be considered private.