High Speed File Replication


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High Speed File Replication


Data grid replication

Participants in PPDG & GriPhyN

Site to site replication service

PPT Slide

LAN thruput

What does thruput depend on

LAN thruput vs windows & streams

LAN thruput measurements Sun/Solaris 5.6 vs PIII/Linux

Results from LAN tests

WAN - Testbed thruput

Testbed Connectivity: NTON

Thruput measurements SLAC-Caltech

WAN - production network thruput

Production network utilization

WAN Measurement methodology

SLAC to CERN thruput vs windows & streams

SLAC > CERN thruput vs window vs streams

WAN TCP thruput


Measured WAN thruput

Iperf WAN thruput conclusions

FTP Compression


Impact of thruput on others 1/3

Effect of load on other traffic 2/3

Impact on PingER RTT of bulk FTP

WAN thruput conclusions

WAN thruput conclusions

More Information

Author: cottrell

Email: cottrell@slac.stanford.edu

Home Page: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/grp/scs/net/talk/

Other information:
R. Les Cottrell, Assistant Director, SLAC Computer Services

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