Overview & Future directions of Internet Monitoring in HEP


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Table of Contents

Overview & Future directions of Internet Monitoring in HEP

Outline of talk

Main tool (PingER) currently uses Ping

Examples of relevance to applications

Scale of Measurements

Worldwide PingER deployment in HENP & ESnet

North America PingER HENP & Esnet deployment


Nov-98 100 byte pings SLAC - CERN

Improvement in RTT

What about loss?

Improvement in packet loss

Bandwidth improvement from ESnet sites

ESnet, I2, XIWT, Euro-Labs

Importance of Reducing ISPs/AS’s Crossed

Round trip delay distribution snapshot

Ping “Jitter” snapshot (IPD)

Ping response “jitter”

Surveyor “Jitter”

Short term effect of routing change

Change of ISP Impact

Effect of STAR-TAP on KEK.jp <=>SLAC

Effect of direct connection

Importance of routing

Poor backup route

Importance of “QoS”

Common Congestion Point


Calibration of ping

Natural enemies of ping

Impact of shaping

Ping shaping/blocking


Surveyor / RIPE

Typical Surveyor Reports

Comparing PingER & Surveyor

PingER - Surveyor Complementarity

Surveyor - PingER Correlation


Work in progress 1/2

Work in Progress 2/2

Monitoring Conclusions

More Information & extra info follows

Author: cottrell

Email: cottrell@slac.stanford.edu

Home Page: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/grp/scs/net/talk/

Other information:
R. Les Cottrell, Assistant Director, SLAC Computer Services. Stanford University