IEPM / PingER project & PPDG


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Table of Contents

IEPM / PingER project & PPDG

Overview of Mechanism

Examples of relevance to applications

Deployment in HEP

PPT Slide

Effect of STAR-TAP on<=>SLAC

Performance Trends

Comparisons of Networks

Problem areas

Ping details

Correlation of pings with Surveyor

Correlation of Surveyor & PingER

Ping “Jitter” measurement

Ping “jitter” between SLAC & CERN, DESY, FNAL 12/14-15, 1999

PPDG work

Value of PingER/Ping

Value of PingER

More Information

Deployment of measurement projects

Author: Cottrell


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R. Les Cottrell, Assistant Director, SLAC Computer Services

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