Experimental Program Advisory Committee Meeting

November 14-15, 2003

Redwood Room, Research Office Building (Building 48)

(last updated November 11, 2003, also available in MS Word or PDF format)

November 14, 2003 (Friday)

Start Time     Presentation
08:00 Continental Breakfast    
08:30 Welcome and Executive Session    
09:30 The Supernova / Acceleration Probe (SNAP) Mission Steve Kahn
Eric Linder
Roger Blandford
Mike Huffer
10:30 Break    
11:00 GLAST Report Lowell Klaisner PPT, PDF
11:30 Intense Source of Slow Positrons Andre Rosowsky
Patrice Perez
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Steve Kahn
Tony Tyson
Bill Althouse
14:30 Beam Instrumentation Tests for the Linear Collider Mike Woods PPT, PDF
15:15 Break    
15:45 Executive Session    
18:30 Dinner for Committee Members and Guests    

November 15, 2003 (Satutday)

Start Time     Presentation
08:00 Continental Breakfast    
08:30 Executive Session    
10:30 Break    
11:00 E166 Report Kirk McDonald PPT, PDF
11:30 BaBar LST Report Bill Wisniewski PPT, PDF
11:50 E165 Report Johnny Ng PPT, PDF
12:20 Lunch    
13:20 Executive Session    
15:30 Break    
16:00 Close-out with Directors    
17:00 Adjourn    

The EPAC members at this meeting are:

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