DOE B Factory Operations Review
April 26-27, 2006


Redwood Rooms in the Research Office Building


Talks include 5 minutes for questions. Please contact K.Webb or D.MacFarlane to have your talk posted.

Note that the links to talks are predefined, but the files behind the link will only be populated as speakers supply their talks.

Time Speaker Duration Talk Title
April 26 Full Committee
07:30-08:00       Continental breakfast
08:00-09:00 D. Lehman 60   Executive session [closed]
09:00-09:30 Jonathan Dorfan 30 [pdf][ppt] Welcome and laboratory overview
09:30-10:00 Persis Drell 45 [pdf][ppt] PPA HEP overview and PEP-II project tracking
10:00-10:30   30   Break
10:30-11:10 John Seeman 40 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II overview and future plans
11:15-12:00 David MacFarlane 40 [pdf][ppt] BABAR overview and future plans
12:00-13:00   60   Lunch
Redwood A/B PEP-II Accelerator Breakout Session
13:00-14:00 Uli Wienands 40 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II status update
13:45-14:15 John Seeman 30 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II future upgrades, downtime planning, resources
14:15-14:45 Stan Ecklund 30 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II vacuum status
14:45-15:15 Nadine Kurita 30 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II vacuum system upgrades
15:15-15:45 John Seeman 30 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II program risks, risk analysis, and fallback plans
Redwood C/D BABAR Breakout Session
13:00-13:45 Bill Wisniewski 40 [pdf][ppt] BABAR hardware upgrades and downtime planning
13:45-14:15 Matt Weaver 30 [pdf][ppt] BABAR backgrounds
14:15-14:45 David MacFarlane 30 [pdf][ppt] Manpower and resources for BABAR
14:45-15:15 David MacFarlane 30 [pdf][ppt] BABAR program risks, risk analysis, and fallback plans
Pine/Madrone Management Breakout Session
13:00-13:45 Roger Erickson 40 [pdf][ppt] PEP-II operational safety
13:45-14:15 Jerry Jobe 30 [pdf][ppt] Operations directorate: resource priorities, tracking, and issues
14:15-14:45 Karen Fant 30 [pdf][ppt] Operations directorate: planning MFD activities and down-time planning
Redwood C/D Full Committee
16:00-16:30   30   Break
16:30-18:00 D. Lehman 90   Executive session [closed]
April 27 Full Committee
07:30-08:00   30   Continental breakfast
08:00-08:50 D. Lehman 90   Executive session/writing session/ PEP-II question response [closed]
09:30 D. Lehman     Executive session: dry run [closed]
13:30 D. Lehman     Closeout with SLAC management [closed]
14:30       Adjorn

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