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Invitation to Collaborate


As part of its technology transfer mission, SLAC invites members of industry, universities, State and local governments, and other outside entities to consider collaborating with SLAC on projects of mutual interest.

The SLAC Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) can assist in guiding a proposal through the necessary review and approval processes, and in establishing a formal cooperative partnership.

If, after reviewing SLAC's mission and core competencies listed below, you see an overlap of your work and ours, contact the SLAC Office of Technology Transfer.

SLAC Mission

SLAC's mission is to study and manipulate light and matter at the most fundamental level.

The lab is focused on:

  1. Photon science for the purpose of making discoveries at the frontiers of ultrasmall and ultrafast physical and life sciences; and
  2. Particle and Astroparticle Physics to refine and redefine our knowledge of the fundamental constituents of the universe and the forces that control them; thereby improving human understanding of the universe as a whole.

SLAC's Core Competencies

In the furtherance of its mission, SLAC has assembled facilities and staff with core competencies to:

  1. Innovate electron-based accelerators, their instrumentation, detectors, and associated computing;
  2. Design, engineer, construct, commission, and operate novel electron-based accelerator facilities;
  3. Design, engineer, construct, commission, and operate from very small to very large, earth- and space-based advanced detectors and instrumentation;
  4. Efficiently operate at very high performance levels world class scientific user facilities;
  5. Design, engineer, construct, commission, and operate petabyte computing enterprises for users distributed worldwide; and
  6. Develop imaginative and novel strategies for analysis, modeling, and simulation.

You can see the many technical and scientific results of these capabilities by visiting the various SLAC science programs linked to the top of the SLAC home page.

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