USA Notes and Reports

  • Total veto rate
    as a function of longitude and latitude from Paul Ray (pdf)

  • Background
    report from Pablo.

  • USA Offsets
    report from the SLAC group

  • Mathcad sheet
    from Gary showing the correlations.

  • The USA X-Ray timing experiment
    from Paul S. Ray in astro-ph 9911236.

  • GRS1915
    state of analysis with USA from Reba and Berrie

  • Deadtime report
    USA On-Ground Deadtime Calibration.

  • Housekeeping/science data
    counting rate differences from Pablo.Updated April 19.

  • Cir X-1
    note from Pablo.May 24.

  • First order hardness and Flux
    note from Berrie.June 7.

  • Gayane's (gzipped postscript 8MB) thesis

  • Gayane's (pdf 2MB) thesis
    . October 15.

  • 1859 Draft
    from Kaice.Dec 06.

  • Calibration lines update
    from Pablo.Jan 31,2001.

  • Natures Highest Energy Particle Accelerators
    presented by Elliott D. Bloom at the International Conference on "Orbis Scientiae 2000", December 14-17, 2000, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.Feb 8,2001.

  • Nature Paper
    from Elliott D. Bloom April 5th,2001.

  • Energy Calibration Report
    from Pablo.April 18,2001

  • Rate corrections
    for pointing epochs from Berrie. April 11, 2001

  • SLAC SPC presentation
    from Elliott D. Bloom May 14th,2001.

  • Note for the May 30 USA Telecon
    from Elliott D. Bloom May 30th,2001.