Range Member List

This is the complete list of members for Range, including all inherited members.

excludes(double value) const Range
fraction(double value) const Range
high() constRange
includes(double value) const Range
length() constRange [inline]
low() constRange
m_emptyRange [private]
m_maxRange [private]
m_minRange [private]
m_posRange [private]
numberOfBins(double width) const Range
pos() constRange
Range(double x, double y, double p=DBL_MAX)Range
Range(const std::vector< double > &array)Range
setEmpty(bool yes=true)Range
setHigh(double x)Range
setIntersect(const Range &range)Range
setLength(double val, bool high_hold=false)Range
setLow(double x)Range
setPos(double x)Range
setRange(double low, double high, double pos)Range
setRange(Iterator first, Iterator end)Range [inline]
setUnion(const Range &range)Range

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