DataSource Member List

This is the complete list of members for DataSource, including all inherited members.

Action typedefObservable
addColumn(const std::string &label, const std::vector< double > &data, const std::vector< intptr_t > &shape)DataSource [virtual]
addColumn(const std::string &label, const std::vector< double > &data)DataSource [virtual]
addLabel(const std::string &label)DataSource [protected, virtual]
addObserver(Observer *)Observable
addRow(const std::vector< double > &row)DataSource [virtual]
append(const DataSource *source)DataSource [virtual]
checkWidth(const DataSource *source)DataSource [protected, virtual]
clear()=0DataSource [pure virtual]
columns() const DataSource [inline]
copyPrivate(const DataSource &other)DataSource [protected, virtual]
DataSource(const std::vector< std::string > &labels)DataSource [protected]
DataSource(const std::string &name)DataSource [protected]
DataSource(const char *name)DataSource [protected]
DataSource(const DataSource &nt)DataSource [protected]
DataSource(bool dummy)DataSource [protected]
DataSource()DataSource [protected]
doubleArrayAt(unsigned int row, unsigned int column) const DataSource [virtual]
empty() const =0DataSource [pure virtual]
eraseRow(unsigned int index)DataSource [virtual]
expandIfNeeded(const std::vector< std::string > &labels) const DataSource [virtual]
fillRange(unsigned int column, Range &) const DataSource [virtual]
fillShape(std::vector< int > &v, unsigned int column) const DataSource [virtual]
fillShape(std::vector< int > &v, const std::string &label) const DataSource [virtual]
getColumn(const std::string &name) const DataSource [virtual]
getColumn(unsigned int column) const DataSource [virtual]
getDuplicatedLabels() const DataSource
getLabelAt(unsigned int index) const DataSource [virtual]
getLabels() const DataSource [virtual]
getName() const DataSource
getObservers() const Observable
getRank() const DataSource
getRow(unsigned int) const =0DataSource [pure virtual]
getShape() const DataSource [virtual]
indexOf(const std::string &label) const DataSource [virtual]
indexOfMaxElement(unsigned int index) const DataSource [virtual]
indexOfMinElement(unsigned int index) const DataSource [virtual]
isMultiDimensional(const std::string &column) const DataSource [virtual]
isNull() const DataSource
isUseable(const std::string &column) const DataSource [virtual]
isValidColumn(unsigned int index) const DataSource [protected]
isValidLabel(const std::string &label) const DataSource
m_arrayDataSource [mutable, protected]
m_ds_nameDataSource [private]
m_dupsDataSource [protected]
m_is_nullDataSource [private]
m_labelsDataSource [private]
m_shapeDataSource [protected]
m_titleDataSource [private]
notifyObservers() const Observable [virtual]
notifyObservers(Action action) const Observable [protected]
ObserverList_t typedefObservable
operator[](std::vector< unsigned int > &indices) const =0DataSource [pure virtual]
removeObserver(Observer *)Observable
replaceColumn(const std::string &label, const std::vector< double > &array)DataSource [virtual]
replaceColumn(unsigned int index, const std::vector< double > &array)DataSource [virtual]
replaceColumn(const std::string &label, const std::vector< double > &data, const std::vector< intptr_t > &shape)DataSource [virtual]
reserve(unsigned int count)=0DataSource [pure virtual]
rows() const =0DataSource [pure virtual]
setLabelAt(const std::string &s, unsigned int index)DataSource [virtual]
setLabels(const std::vector< std::string > &v)DataSource [virtual]
setName(const std::string &name)DataSource
setReleventIndex(const std::string &column, const std::vector< unsigned int > &index)DataSource [virtual]
setShape(std::vector< unsigned int > &shape)DataSource [virtual]
setTitle(const std::string &title)DataSource [virtual]
sum(unsigned int column) const DataSource [virtual]
throwIfInvalidLabel(const std::string &label) const DataSource [virtual]
throwIfInvalidRowSize(const std::vector< double > &row)DataSource
title() const DataSource
valueAt(unsigned int row, unsigned int column) const =0DataSource [pure virtual]
valueAtNoCache(unsigned int row, unsigned int column) const DataSource [virtual]
~DataSource()DataSource [virtual]
~Observable()Observable [virtual]

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