BinnerAxis Member List

This is the complete list of members for BinnerAxis, including all inherited members.

axisBinNumber(double x) const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
axisBinWidth(int i) const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
axisGetHigh() const BinnerAxis
axisGetLow() const BinnerAxis
axisNumberOfBins() const BinnerAxis
axisSetNumberOfBins(int nb)=0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
binEdges()BinnerAxis [virtual]
BinnerAxis(const BinnerAxis &binner)BinnerAxis [protected]
BinnerAxis(const char *name)BinnerAxis [protected]
calcBinWidth(int parm, bool dragging) const BinnerAxis
calcOffset(int parm, bool dragging) const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
calcWidthParm(int number) const =0BinnerAxis [protected, pure virtual]
clone()=0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
getBinWidth() const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
getConstWid() const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
getCoordinate(int i) const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
getNob(double width) const =0BinnerAxis [private, pure virtual]
getNob(const Range &range) const =0BinnerAxis [private, pure virtual]
getOffset() const =0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
getRange() const BinnerAxis
hasEqualWidths() const BinnerAxis [virtual]
m_bin_edgesBinnerAxis [protected]
m_draggingBinnerAxis [mutable, private]
m_nameBinnerAxis [private]
m_num_binsBinnerAxis [mutable, protected]
m_offsetBinnerAxis [protected]
m_rangeBinnerAxis [protected]
m_range_startBinnerAxis [mutable, protected]
m_widthBinnerAxis [protected]
m_width_startBinnerAxis [mutable, protected]
name() const BinnerAxis
s_bin_factorBinnerAxis [protected, static]
s_num_binsBinnerAxis [protected, static]
scaleFactorWid()=0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
setBinWidth(double width)=0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
setOffset(double offset)=0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
setRange(const Range &, bool hold_width=true)=0BinnerAxis [pure virtual]
setStartRange(bool dragging) const BinnerAxis
setStartWidth(bool dragging) const BinnerAxis
~BinnerAxis()BinnerAxis [virtual]

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