BinToColor Member List

This is the complete list of members for BinToColor, including all inherited members.

acceptChangeColor() const BinToColor [virtual]
BinToColor(const char *name)BinToColor [protected]
BinToColor(const std::string &)BinToColor [protected]
BinToColor(const BinToColor &bin_to_color)BinToColor
clone() const =0BinToColor [pure virtual]
doubleToColor(double value, Color &color) const =0BinToColor [pure virtual]
getControlPoints() const BinToColor
getRange() const BinToColor
hasControlPoints() const BinToColor [virtual]
isUserDefined() const BinToColor [virtual]
m_control_pointsBinToColor [protected]
m_dvBinToColor [protected]
m_nameBinToColor [protected]
m_vminBinToColor [protected]
name() const BinToColor
setControlPoints(const std::vector< double > &points)BinToColor [virtual]
setRange(const Range &r)BinToColor
~BinToColor()BinToColor [virtual]

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