Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate Student Opportunities in Experimental Group B

Group B has opportunities for up to four new Stanford physics graduate students to join in our work on the BABAR experiment at PEP-II, the SLAC asymmetric electron-positron collider.

We offer exciting research opportunities in experimental high energy physics using data from the BABAR detector. Joining our team means you will actively participate in:

This active participation and learning will make an important contribution to your thesis program. Specific roles can be tailored to meet the particular interests and goals of the individuals involved.

What Group B offers students:

Experimental particle physics is a fast moving field that often outpaces the formal curriculum. Practical experience with experimental techniques will provide a foundation for future research endeavors.

Specific opportunities for Stanford graduate physics students include:


The Cherenkov angle, measured by the DIRC, as a function of momentum for tracks from a (D*-> D0 pi-, D0-> K- pi+) sample. The Pions (left) and Kaons (right) are kinematically identified.

For more information or to visit us please contact:

Nitssia Harrison

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