Blair Ratcliff, Particle Physicist


Phone: (650) 926-2722
Fax: (650) 925-4178

Group: EB


B.A., 1966, Physics, Grinnell College; M.S., 1968, Physics, Stanford University; Ph.D., 1972, Physics, Stanford University.


Research Associate, RHEL, England, 1971 - 1975; Visiting Scientist, CERN, Geneva, 1971 - 1975; Research Associate, SLAC, 1975-1978; Staff Physicist, SLAC, 1978 - 2003; Member of Permanent Staff, SLAC, 2003-present; Spokesman, LASS Strange Spectroscopy Program E132/135, 1976-1994; SLD/CRID System Manager, SLAC, 1991 - 1995; EB Group Leader, SLAC, 1991 - present; BaBar PID/DIRC System Manager, SLAC 1993 - 2003;  BaBar Program Manager, SLAC, 2002-Present. 

Awards and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa, Grinnell College, 1966; NSF Graduate  Fellow, Stanford University, 1966-1970; Fellow, American Physical Society

Research Areas

Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy; QCD; Exotic Baryons and Mesons; Heavy Flavor Physics; B decays; CP Violation in B Decays; Search for New Physics; Novel Detection Techniques.