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12.1 INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-1

12.2 MONITORING CRATE STATUS . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-1

12.3 CRATE INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE . . . . . . . . . 12-2


12.1 INTRODUCTION The CRATE job in the micro takes care of monitoring CAMAC crates, intialization of crates when necessary, and performing crate verification upon request.

12.2 MONITORING CRATE STATUS One function of the CRATE job is monitoring the status of the CAMAC crates associated with a micro. The data register of each crate verifier is initialized with the word TEST_DATA. If power to the crate is lost, the TEST_DATA pattern in the verifier will be destroyed. The CRATE job waits at its mailbox with a finite TIMEOUT (currently 5 seconds). If it has received valid mail during that time, it decodes the low order function code and carries out the actions corresponding to that code. If the wait at the mailbox has timed out, i.e. if there is nothing else that it is requested to do, then the CRATE job calls CRATE_WATCH to loop over all crates, checking the data register in each crate verifier to see if the data is still equal to TEST_DATA and checking the CAMAC status return to see if the crate is presently on line. If a crate is now online, but was offline

CRATE MONITORING AND INITIALIZATION Page 12-2 during or since the last call to CRATE_WATCH, then the crate initialization procedure is performed.

12.3 CRATE INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE The following sequence of initialization is done on each crate at start-up and whenever the CRATE job detects that a crate is now online but has been offline since it was last initialized: o Clear ("Z") to the crate, if power has been off. o Make sure inhibit is turned off. o Initialize data register in crate verifier with TEST_DATA. o If the crate contains a cable access receiver module (CARM), then reset it with CAMAC code F(9). o If the crate contains a PDU, then do PDU initialization o If the crate contains magnet DACs and SAMs, send a message to MGNT job to have it do its own initialization. o If crate controls klystrons, send a message to KLYS job to do its own initialization. o Additional initialization messages for other jobs will be added as needed. o

CRATE MONITORING AND INITIALIZATION Page 12-3 Read back data in crate verifier and check CAMAC status return to be sure that crate is now online and has been online during the initialization procedure. If so, update the crate status :CRTS: in the database to be online.

12.4 CRATE VERIFICATION Upon receipt of the function code CRAT_VEREX from the VAX, the CRATE job does a verify of the requested crate and sends the results back to the VAX for display.

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