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Development Tools

This page lists the software development tools used at SLAC that support VxWorks.  The host software refers only to software installed on Unix/Solaris. However, later plans may include the addition of a subset these packages that run under Linux.


Compilers and Linkers

Gnu Compiler and Linker
Used to cross compile VxWorks target source code.
Texas Instruments TMS320C40  Code Generation Tools
This TI Optimizing C Compiler for TMS320C30/C40 can be invoked from within SwiftTools. All input and output files are maintained in the project directory.

TMS320C3x/4x Software Tools Documentation (pdf):
  • Optimizing C Compiler User's Guide (pdf)
  • TMS320C4x Parallel Runtime Support Library User's Guide (pdf)
  • Assembly Language Tools User's Guide (pdf)
  • TMS320C3x Peripheral Control Library User's Guide (pdf)
  • Setup script to add to your account .cshrc file

    For questions or technical support, please consult your customer support guide
    or contact the DSP Hotline at:
    Email: dsph@ti.com
    Phone: (281) 274-2320
    Fax:     (281) 274-2324

    Debugging Tools

    This development tool was purchased through WindRiver, who has integrated Applied Microsystems' CodeTEST tools into the Tornado environment. CodeTEST allows the user to verify unit, integration, and system characteristics of their software during software development.
    Performance Pak
    This software package is produced by Real Time Innovations (RTI) and it includes the follwoing ScopeTools 2.0
    This software provides a simple, interrupt driver, inter-device communication protocol for distributed DSP applications. SwiftNet software serves asa communication interface between a Unix application development system and Pentek's VMEbus DSP boards. For Pentek products click here.
  • User's Guide SwiftNet Host Software Rev 3.5
  • SwiftTools
    This software is an integrated software development environment for Pentek's family of digital signal processing (DSP) and data acquisition products for VMEbus. SwiftTools features a window-based, menu-driver user interface used to build software applications that communicate with Pentek modules.
  • SwiftTools User's Guide
  • Release Notes: Using the TI Compiler 5.0 with SwiftTools


    Software Packages


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