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Since a number of groups at SLAC develop embedded systems software using the VxWorks/Tornado software package, a  SLAC wide VxWorks users group has been established.  The goal of this group is to share expertise as well as coordinate installation and maintenance of this package. In the past, each group would install VxWorks cross-compiler and development tools on Unix/Solaris. Since many of these SLAC groups are using the same version of this software under the same operating system,  efforts were clearly being duplicated. The VxWorks user's group goal is to maintain a single master copy of each version of VxWorks/Tornado under Unix/Solaris, starting with VxWorks 5.3.1/Tornado 1.0.1.  However, each group will need to maintain their own separate development directory if a modified version of VxWorks is required, in which the modifications cannot be used by the rest of the user's.  Each groups development directory should contain mainly symbolic links to files or directories in the master VxWorks directory. The only files which should be found in this development area are those which the VxWorks user needs to modify, such as a Board Support Package (BSP) include or source file.   For technical questions about using vxworks before contacting WindRiver technical support you may want to send email to the SLAC VxWorks  user's group vxworks-l mailing list - see the Mailing List page for details on how to subscribe.


License Number
WindSurf Registration
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WindRiver Contacts List

Table 1-1
Title Name Telephone Cell Phone
District Manager Andrew Nowell  (408) 542-1713
Account Manager

Field Applications Engineer Stuart Turner (408)542-1765
Inside Sales Department  Chris Kunin (510) 749-2353
Renewals  Sales Representative Jennifer Nuyten (510)749-2816
Technical Support   (510)748-4100

SLAC Contacts List

Kristi Luchini (ESD)
Initially coordinate vxworks/tornado software package maintenance on Unix.
Maintain "VxWorks at SLAC" web pages (although others are encouraged to participate).
Coordinate the purchase of new Board Support Packages,Architectures, and licenses from WindRiver.
Wei Yang (SCS)
Wei has experience working close to hardware and software interfaces. He will assist
with installing the WindRiver Tornado/VxWorks software into the master vxworks area. Wei will also be responsible for checking WindSurf (WindRivers database) for news of upgrades and patches.
John Bartelt (SCS)
John is responsible for organizing the vxworks package space.  He has a lot of
experience installing third-party software and organizing AFS package space.
Teri Church (SCS)
Keeping the VxWorks maintenance agreements up to date with WindRiver.
          Technical Support
Table 1-2 provides the list of people from SLAC who can contract the WindRiver technical support group for assistance.
WindRiver technical support  is available under our project license, as long as our maintenance contract is current. WindRiver limits the number of people that can contact their technical support group to the number of license seats purchased. SLAC has purchased license seats under the WindRiver SLAC License Project "Software Controls Engineering"  for 10 license seats. Of course, if we purchase additional seats then more people can be added to the technical support list.  However, since we are a bit limited, only one person per group will be added to this list. So, all VxWorks questions within a SLAC group will need go though your groups reprentative listed below.  We can certainly add/remove people from this list, just send email to Kristi Luchini.
Special Note:
WindRiver also provides a knowledge database to assist with users questions. To access this database you can register with the WindSurf. The users is provided with the appropriate access priviledges that their license covers. The SLAC license covers the "maintenance" level of access. The level of access is very important, since "basic" access provides little or no help the the users. The The WindRiver knowledge database does not check for the number of users who register for WindSurf under a particular license.
Tabel 1-2
SLAC Group
Perry Anthony ESA 
Dayle Kotturi BaBar - Slow Control
Rick Claus GLAST
JJ Russell GLAST
Chirs O'Grady Babar - Data Acquisition
Kristi Luchini ESD (Controls Department)
Till Strauman Spear3
Wei Yang SCS
Eric Colby Accelerator Research Department B

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