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The Sunray thin clients are served by sunsrv00 and sunsrv01.  The user directories are from an nfs mount on mccfs0 (/u1).  The sunray accounts are created on both the sunray servers and mccfs0, but are locked on mccfs0 so the accounts cannot be used to login to our other servers.  The passwd file is maintained separately from our other servers, to protect our sunray servers and not allow our sunray accounts access to our other servers.  We edit the /etc/.login file and add each sunray account into a "check" to disable remote logins.  Therefore the sunray accounts can only be logged into via a sunray connected directly to our sunray servers. 

The /u1/sunray_icon_repository keeps all our setup files for new accounts.



Add User:

  1. Perform useradd on sunsrv00, sunsrv01 and mccfs0
  2. Lock the password on mccfs0
    1. passwd -l username     -Sunray account can only login to the sunray servers
  3. Set the password on sunsrv00 and sunsrv01
  4. Set quota on mccfs0
    1. edquota -p mcc138j  username
    2. quotacheck /u1             -forces a quota check
    3. repquota -a                  -Verify quota is set for new user

  5. Edit /etc/.login on sunsrv00 and sunsrv01 and add new account name to the ACNT list
    1. No remote logins from sunray accounts.
  6. Create directories on mccfs0
    1. su to username
    2. mkdir -p /u1/username/.dt/types
  7. Copy over necessary files
    1. cp /u1/sunray_icon_repository/* /u1/username/
      1. for the icons
    2. cp /u1/sunray_icon_repository/.* /u1username/
      1. for the .login, .cshrc, .dtprofile
      2. The .dtprofile has the following lines to setup the Xhost file and our fonts
        1. /usr/local/admin/scripts/  >  /dev/null &
        2. /usr/openwin/bin/xset fp+ /usr/local/X11/lib/X11/fonts/scp
        3. /usr/openwin/bin/xset fp+ /usr/local/X11/lib/X11/fonts/medm
        4. /usr/openwin/bin/xset fp+ /usr/local/X11/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi
        5. /usr/openwin/bin/xset fp+ /usr/local/X11/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi
    3. cp /u1/sunray_icon_repository/types/* /u1/username/.dt/types
      1. needed for the icon files
  8. If RSA authentication is needed for LACI account
    1. mkdir /u1/username/.ssh
    2. cp /u1/mcc138b/.ssh/* /u1/username/.ssh/
  9. Setup Desktop
    1. Login as username on a sunray
    2. Drag and Drop icons from username's home directory onto desktop bar
    3. Setup desktop bar like other sunray's
    4. Turn off all screensavers and locking screens
      1. Style Manager: Screen
    5. Add icon Box
      1. Style Manager: Window

Sunray Info:

The below command is
to disable the DHCP server on the Sun Ray Server:

# svcadm disable dhcp-server

To see if the DHCP-server is disabled:

# svcs -a |grep dhcp-server

To start ICA Client


To restart the Apache server:

/usr/apache/bin/apachectl restart

Add the utwww account

useradd -u 160001 -g 2142 -c "ut admin web server cgi user" -d /tmp -s /bin/sh utwww


Note:  Do not change any X configuration files while the sunray software is running as this will corrupt the "X" and you will have to delete the sunray software configuration and reinstall.  Files like /etc/dt/Xsetup , Xconfig.....These files are changing constantly via the sunray server software.

Xmodmap info
/usr/openwin/demo/xev             -to view keyboard layout

xmodmap -pke                         -to show keyboard mapping

Check /var/dt/Xerrors for Xserver errors -



xset fp+ ---font list

xset fp+ /usr/local/X11/lib/X11/fonts/scp,/usr/local/X11/lib/X11/fonts/medm,


For CDE:

/usr/dt/config/Xsetup is copied to /etc/dt/config

Font startup file:


For Java Desktop use:





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Author: Ken Brobeck, 10-Aug-2007
Modified date: 22-Feb-2008