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The MCC Constantly Updating Displays (CUDs) are now all linux based.  We are using cud01-cud99 as a naming convention.  There is symlink in the ~/.kde/Autostart/ that points to /usr/local/admin/script/  When a cud account is logged in the display information is gathered and put in /usr/local/admin/sunray/username . The file will be named "username" (ex. cud01) and the contents will be the display information (ex. sunsrv03:20.0).  This allows us to throw displays onto the cuds from the CUD display manager. 



To stop the Sunray from turning off the display add the following to the ~/.kde/Autostart

Autostart]# ls -l -> /usr/local/admin/scripts/
SR-ScreenBlanking -> /usr/local/admin/scripts/SR-ScreenBlanking sets up the X display mechanism for the cudmanager

-Creates a file in /usr/local/admin/sunray

Ex) file cud10 -> sunsrv06:19.

SR-ScreenBlanking prevents the Sunray from going dark

more SR-ScreenBlanking

# turn off the screen blanking on our Sun Ray Cuds
# -This gets called from Autostart
/usr/bin/xset s off -dpms



---------OLD Solaris CUD information

The Solaris Sunrays are used for overhead display purposes (CUDs) only. 

The node naming convention used is

                                           MCC    Rack   Level (1-bottom, 2 middle, 3 top)

                mcc138b2:         MCC     138b      2

The user login name for a Sunray is the nodename for the Sunray; e.g., the user login name for mcc138b2 is mcc138b2.

When the sunray is logged into, it runs ~/.dtprofile, which runs /usr/local/admin/scripts/ and /usr/local/scp/script/  The /usr/local/admin/scripts/ reads /etc/X.hosts4sunray (located in the Soalris Sunray servers) to authorize a list of hosts to send X displays to the sunray. The copies the display information for that particular sunray to our Linux NFS server (/usr/local/admin/sunray) directory writing it to a file named for the logged in user.

For example; user logs in as mcc138b2 on our sunray.  The display information is sunsrv01:14.0.  A file is created on mccfs2:/usr/local/admin/sunray/mcc138b2 with the contents being "sunsrv01:14.0". This display information will be used to send displays from the authorized hosts to Sunray mcc138b2.




Created by Ken Brobeck on Feb 26 2008.

Modified: Mar 03 2008 Jingchen ZHou