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Setup Sunray for 52" Samsung TV


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1) Add new def resolution:  --This has been done for the Samsung .  Similar steps must be taken if you need a new resolution for another type of display.


  $ utresdef -a -c "Samsung 550" samsung1920x1080 1920x1080 << End

utresdef:  Manages monitor resolution definitions for Sun Ray


2) Install the new resolution you have defined

$ utresadm -a -c <CID> -t default samsung1920x1080

Use : utsession -p

-This will get you sessions and token ID's


To get the TerminalCID : utsession -lt pseudo.00144f3ba578

-this is "IEEE802.macAddress


This command would set the default resolution for the sunray for the first monitor video output:

  utresadm -a -c IEEE802.00144f3ba578 -t default samsung1920x1080

This will set the resolution to the second video output:

utresadm -a -v 2 -c IEEE802.00144f3ba578 -t default samsung1920x1080


and then power-cycle the Sun Ray.  After it has reconnected to the server, log out -- or if it's a kiosk session, terminate the kiosk session: hold down Control and Alt and hit Backspace twice.

You must use the VGA connector for that timing, its pixel clock is too high for a DVI connector.  (I don't know whether this model has a DVI input, but even if it does you can't use it with that timing.  If DVI is a must then we could probably come up with a 1920x1080@60 timing that uses a lower DVI-compatible clock rate by shaving time out of the blanking intervals.)

***If the TV comes up with the picture not exactly in the center of the TV -try the TV's auto adjust.


To show Sun Rays with specified resolutions:

>utresadm -p

# CID[:VO]                       TOKEN         FLAGS             RESOLUTION
IEEE802.00144f3b986b     default               --                samsung1920x1080
IEEE802.00144f3b986b:2   default              --                samsung1920x1080
IEEE802.00144f3ba578      default              --                samsung1920x1080
IEEE802.00144f3ba590      default              --                samsung1920x1080
IEEE802.00144fe7db33      default              --                samsung1920x1080
IEEE802.00212812e32a     default              --                samsung1920x1080


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Modified: 18-Nov-2009