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Modified: 17-Nov-2010


ILOM is the SUN Integrated Lights Out Manager. 

You can connect via HTTP or via commands to display system hardware status.


Configuring a Static IP Address Using CLI and a Serial Connection

To set a static IP address for the ILOM using the CLI and a serial line connection, do the following.

1. Establish a serial connection to the ILOM.

2. Log in to the ILOM.

3. Type the following command to set the working directory.

cd /SP/network

4. Type the following commands to specify a static Ethernet configuration.


set pendingipnetmask=yyy.yyy.yyy.y

set pendingipgateway=zzz.zzz.zz.zzz

set commitpending=true

5. Log out of the ILOM.

To Set password

  1. login to management port (ILOM) as root with default password: changeme
  2. set /SP/users/root password=????????

To Set up SCCS account

  1. Login to management port
  2. create /SP/users/sccs password=?????  role=acros

To Start a console

  1. login to management port
  2. cd /SP/console
  3. Type "start"  and login at the prompt
  4. To exit type "ESC ( "    -then type exit at the "->"



remoteaccess.html and click on the Remote Management column ( server-MGT) on the Sunray servers. (sunsrv02, sunsrv03, sunsrv04)


Command Line: ipmitool

ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root sdr list sdr -Print Sensor Data Repository entries and readings
ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root sel clear sel -Print System Event Log (SEL)
ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root sensor list sensor -Print detailed sensor information
ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root chassis status chassis -Print chassis status
ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root sunoem led get sunoem -Manage Sun OEM Extensions
ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root sunoem led set all off    
ipmitool -H sunsrv04-mgt -U root sunoem led set fp.power.led on    


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Created by: Ken Brobeck, 16-Jun-2009