Simulation of a Single AP

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Simulation of a Single AP

The MPS Algorithm Simulator can be run from either MCC or SLC. However, MPSAS should be run on the same machine that the algorithm to be simulated was compiled on so that the correct beam groups are accessed from the database.

Since MPSAS is a display-driven process, ensure that your workstation has its display set. If you haven't done so yet, enter the following command line:

  $ set display/create/node=[node]

where ``[node]'' is the identity of your workstation (e.g., ``/node=MCCX1'').

Although MPSAS can access input files from and write output files to any directory, it might be more convenient to run MPSAS from a personal directory that includes your MPSL ``.PORT'' files.

To run MPSAS, simply enter the following command:

  $ mpsas

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