Beginning the Simulation: Selecting a Supervisor

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Beginning the Simulation: Selecting a Supervisor

To start a simulation of a supervisor at the device-level at any time, select the ``SUPE@DEV'' button in the AP/algorithm selection overlay. You will notice that the list of APs in this overlay is now reduced to only supervisors. The key to configuring MPSAS for this type of simulation is to choose the supervisor and its algorithm first. Once this has been completed, each subordinate AP and its respective algorithm are selected, and its devices are configured, in a serial fashion.

Select a supervisor AP and a supervisor algorithm, just as you would for the simulation of a single AP. Once this has been completed you will notice that the ``algorithm processors'' window is updated with a list of all the subordinate APs that need to be loaded with algorithms and then configured for this simuation.

The window that the ``AP/ALG LIST'' button pops up/down now becomes much more useful. You will notice the supervisor at the top of the list, and you will have diagnostic information about the state of the configuration of all the other APs: if the AP has been loaded with an algorithm or not, and the name of the algorithm if it has been loaded. This list can be a useful reference throughout the configuration procedure for all the APs.

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