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With Linux being integrated into our controls computing infrastructure and the increasing amount of works being performed on the large number of UNIX systems, it becomes more and more desired to create a group wide environment setting that is centralized and manageable. With such a common group wide environment, the environment setting for each individual in the group can be greatly simplified with little custermization needed. The motivation and requirement for such setting are documented in "Requirements and References for Linux and Solaris Start-up Scripts for ESD Software Group" by Greg White.

The HEPiX committee (High Energy Physics UNIX committee), has developed a set of login scripts to set up a common environment for various UNIX platforms at shell and X level. At shell level, they provide the default environment for users to login, work in interactive and batch mode for the most common shells and UNIX platforms. At X level, they provide the default environment for users to login from a Xserver (X terminal, Workstation, PC, etc.) to a UNIX system with a properly set up X session. One goal is to keep differences between various login scenarios as small as possible and to make the appearance of login and the method of customization appear standard and consistent.

SLAC has decided moving away from the home-made "environ" (the main part of SLAC's environment script which is in /usr/local/bin/environ) and encourages using the HEPiX scripts. Babar has made such conversion. This document, based on, outlines a prototype of login scripts for ESD software group in the HEPiX framework.

Login Script Basics

When a user logs in UNIX , a set of initialization files, usually called login scripts, is invoked to set up the working environment for the shell the user will run. For instance for tcsh (TC-Shell), these files are .cshrc and .login, located in each user's $HOME. In SLAC tcsh is recommended as login shell for users to perform interactive works on UNIX.

HEPiX Based Login Scripts for ESD Software Group

How to Convert to HEPiX-style Login

It requires almost no effort for each individual to convert to HEPiX style login.

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Author: 17-Oct-2002, Jingchen Zhou
Modified by: 22-Jun-2005, G. DeContreras, added template